Why BBM! Tours?

First of all let me say there are a number of good beer tour companies out there, most of them colleagues and friends of mine, who also run solid tours.  My hope is that you will take my tours and take their tours, or take their tours, then take my tours.  We'll never make disparaging remarks about other tour companies in a desperate attempt to get your business.  The important thing is let's get you on a beer tour!

1. For some people, this may be the first time you are thinking about doing a group tour abroad. The idea of traveling with others may sound "awkward" or "uncomfortable." We hear you.  Think of being a part of a group that all speak a common language...beer. Beer = The Great Uniter!

2. BBM! tours allow for plenty of unstructured time on your own to discover and play. 

3. The pace of the tour is comfortable. BBM! doesn't focus on how many breweries that can be visited that day, but how many quality visits we can offer for you to experience.  One of the secrets to producing a successful tour is to know when fatigue replaces pleasure. You shouldn't have to take a vacation from your vacation.

4. Tours typically range between 6 to 24 people with 14 being the average. This is a comfortable size to gain access to interesting and intimate restaurants, not overwhelm breweries during our visits and to keep tours reasonably priced. We reserve the right to make tours smaller or larger. If we do, you will be notified and have the option of switching tours or a refund.

5. The guides at BBM! are experienced, knowledgable, intimate with Belgium and the social culture, as well as the beer culture. Find out more about our tour team.

6. We offer access to some breweries and attractions that are not typically open to the general public. Our tour team has numerous contacts throughout Belgium from which you benefit.  People is what creates memorable experiences and connecting people to people is what we do.  To spend an afternoon with a brewer, sharing their beers, getting to know them and how the brewery came to be is priceless. 

7. We take the guess work out of your travels...all you have to do is show up. This reduces stress and allows you to just enjoy your vacation.  You'll see more and do more than you ever could imagine on your own.

8. The group size will gain you access to many breweries who do not allow tours of just one to two people. Being a part of the tour will get you through the brewery doors as a group, where individuals would miss out.

9. Transportation is done. From private luxury coaches, to 9-passenger vans for some smaller groups, to public transportation, we know how to get you there, efficiently, safely and comfortably. Determining which train, which bus, or which road if you are driving can eat away at time and create frustration. We have already gone through the paces to get you where we need to be.

10. Let us do the driving. When visiting breweries, there will be beer, and with the high octane brews you will find in Belgium, the last thing you will want to do is get behind the wheel. We have you covered so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about driving.  It's been said before, there's nothing more sad than a designated driver on a beer tour while everyone else is having fun.

11. We stay at nice hotels, usually 3-4 star, in centrally located areas, close to attractions, beer cafes and restaurants.  Sometimes we are in rural locations, but always, clean, safe and comfortable with private baths.  Only on very rare occasions do some of our travelers share a bath and if that's the case you will be asked first if that's OK with you.  We use a variety of hotels ranging from small, independent family run hotels, to small inns, to large chain business hotels such as the Radisson. 

12. Every tour is different and can lead to unexpected guests and brewery visits. Even if you have traveled with BBM! on a previous tour, it will never be exactly the same as the one you initially experienced. Every tour will offer an opportunity to meet new people in the brewing industry, unique breweries to visit, unforgettable cafes, meals that you will crave long after your tour, and friendships that may last a lifetime. 

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