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Travel with Rick Steves radio and podcast interview with Stu Stuart: Release date: 06-01-2013

Read about the behind-the scenes of the interview in the Beer Santa blog.


The front door at Gaststätte Lommerzheim, Cologne’s most charismatic pub, has barely shut before it swings open again. A middle-aged couple hurry in, share a joke with the blue-shirted bartender and weave their way between tightly packed tables in search of seats. They’ll be lucky. It’s just gone 6pm on a Wednesday but the place is full of customers contemplating fist-thick pork chops and slim, cylindrical glasses of Kölsch, the pale, delicately floral beer that is native to this Rhineland city. Read more...


What if you could walk on the holy grounds of the Brewery Duvel Moortgat? Visit the world famous beer pipeline in Bruges at Brewery de Halve Maan? And, meet Frank Boon, mastermind behind the famous Geuze Boon, all during one spectacular beer tour? Beer tour producer and guide Stu Stuart, and his  Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours can make your dream come true with his special annual tour, Belgian Family Brewers Beer Tour of Belgium. Read more...

Lonely Monks Trappist Tour: Celebrator Beer News Edition

Celebrator writer Big Mike Moore recounts the tour..."This tour has been on my bucket list since I first homebrewed back in the late 80s, and had my first Chimay."

"When Stu Stuart of Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours of Belgium (BBM!) asked me to be a guest host on one of his “Wild & Spontaneous Beer Tour of Belgium,” I gladly accepted. I normally plan my own tours to Belgium and can safely say that organizing them is a very intricate, time consuming process. Planning brewery visits, planning meals at various beer cafes and restaurants, and arranging transportation and accommodations can take months of preparation. Having someone else do the planning and arrangements for you, and making the tour turn out to be great fun in the process is, well, almost priceless." Read more...

Celebrator June/July 2015  - Two great articles not to be missed.

Belgian Beer Tour - Celebrator Readers Gather In Belgium by Tom Dalldorf
"Some 28 beer enthusiasts joined us on the Celebrator Belgian Beer Tour, held April 22–26, 2015, and organized by the capable and well-traveled Beer Santa Stu Stuart of Belgium Beer Me! Tours." Read More | PDF

Sour Fest in Belgium by Chuck Cook 
The June/July issue of Celebrator Beer News is on the 2015 edition of Belgium’s Toer de Geuze. In fact, you might as well call it “Toer de Geuze Weekend” from now one, as there are so many events taking place at the lambic breweries in the days leading up to the event, which is always held on a Sunday in late April or early May, every odd-numbered year. Read More

BBM! is proud to be the only American beer tour company featured in both the 2009, 2014 & 2018 Good Beer Guide to Belgium by Tim Webb & Joe Stange.  We highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Belgian beer travel.  Makes the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Belgian Beer Journal and Gordon Ponce do a "Brewview" of Wesvleteren 8 and document the history of this famous Trappist Brewery. See images of BBM!'s Trappist Tour in progress. Be sure to follow the Belgian Beer Journal on Facebook, too.


Independenttraveler.com, a division of TripAdvisor, featured BBM! in their 9 Best Experiences in Belgium. In addition to enjoying beer, did you know you can visit a spa in salt cave in Belgium? They say salt has restorative and therapeutic powers. I know beer does, but salt? Read more...


JAN-FEB 2010 issue

Imbibe Jan-Feb 2010 Uncorked - Vacay? Okay?  "Cold, dreary weather have you singing the wintertime blues? Plan your summer vacation before the final frost. You'll thaw out justing thinking about ..."